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Alternative Names: mitomycin, mytomycin, mitomycin-c, mitomycins, mitomycine, ugn-101, ugn101, ugn 101, Mitogel, jelmyto, ugn-102, ugn102, ugn 102, mitozytrex, mitosol, mutamycin
Latest Update: 2024-07-10
Latest Update Note: Clinical Trial Update

Product Description

Mitomycin is used in combination with other medications to treat cancer of the stomach or pancreas that has spread to other parts of the body and has not improved or worsened after treatment with other medications, surgery, or radiation therapy. Mitomycin is a type of antibiotic that is only used in cancer chemotherapy. It slows or stops the growth of cancer cells in your body. (Sourced from: https://medlineplus.gov/druginfo/meds/a682415.html)

Mechanisms of Action: DNA Polymerase Inhibitor,Mitosis Inhibitor

Novel Mechanism: No

Modality: Small Molecule

Route of Administration: Intravenous

FDA Designation: None *

Approval Status: Approved

Approved Countries: Argentina | Australia | Austria | Bangladesh | Belgium | Brazil | Bulgaria | Canada | Chile | China | Colombia | Cyprus | Czech | Denmark | Dominican Republic | Ecuador | Egypt | Estonia | Finland | France | Germany | Greece | Hong Kong | Hungary | Iceland | India | Ireland | Israel | Italy | Korea | Latvia | Lithuania | Malta | Mexico | Netherlands | New Zealand | Norway | Pakistan | Peru | Philippines | Poland | Portugal | Romania | Russia | Slovakia | Slovenia | South Africa | Spain | Sri Lanka | Sweden | Switzerland | Taiwan | Thailand | Turkey | Ukraine | United Arab Emirates | United Kingdom | United States | Uruguay | Venezuela

Approved Indications: Transitional Cell Carcinoma | Oncology Unspecified | Glaucoma

Known Adverse Events: Abdominal Pain | Flank Pain | Pain Unspecified | Hematuria | Dysuria | Endophthalmitis | Cataract

Company: UroGen Pharma
Company Location: RA'ANANA L3 4365007
Company CEO: Elizabeth Barrett
Additonal Commercial Interests: None

Clinical Description

Map of Global Clinical Trials for Mitomycin

Countries in Clinic: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Czech Republic, Egypt, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, United States

Active Clinical Trial Count: 24

Highest Development Phases

Phase 3: Adenocarcinoma|Bladder Cancer|Gastrointestinal Cancer|Muscle Cancer|Peritoneal Cancer|Squamous Cell Carcinoma|Transitional Cell Carcinoma

Phase 2: Anus Cancer|Head and Neck Cancer|Hepatocellular Carcinoma|Kidney Transplant|Ovarian Cancer|Pancreatic Cancer|Pancreatic Ductal Carcinoma

Phase 1: Liver Cancer|Pterygium



Trial Status


Primary Completion Date

Probability of Success



Unknown status

Bladder Cancer|Muscle Cancer





Bladder Cancer


A Phase 3 Single-Arm Study of UGN-102 for Treatment of LG IR NMIBC


Active, not recruiting

Muscle Cancer|Bladder Cancer





Adenocarcinoma|Pancreatic Cancer|Pancreatic Ductal Carcinoma|Ovarian Cancer


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