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Alternative Names: fpi-1434, fpi 1434, fpi1434
Latest Update: 2024-02-26
Latest Update Note: News Article

Product Description

FPI-1434 is a radioimmunoconjugate designed to target and deliver alpha emitting medical isotopes to cancer cells expressing IGF-1R, a receptor that is overexpressed on many tumor types. FPI-1434 utilizes Fusion's Fast-Clear linker to connect a human monoclonal antibody that targets IGF-1R with actinium-225, a powerful alpha-emitting isotope with desirable half-life and decay chain properties. (Sourced from: https://ir.fusionpharma.com/2022-06-09-Fusion-Pharmaceuticals-Provides-Updates-on-FPI-1434-and-FPI-1966-Clinical-Programs)

Mechanisms of Action: IGF Inhibitor

Novel Mechanism: No

Modality: Antibody

Route of Administration: Injection

FDA Designation: None *

Approval Status: Not Approved

Approved Countries: None

Approved Indications: None

Known Adverse Events: None

Company: Fusion Pharmaceuticals
Company Location: HAMILTON A6 L8P 0A6
Company CEO: John Valliant
Additonal Commercial Interests: None

Clinical Description

Map of Global Clinical Trials for FPI-1434

Countries in Clinic: Australia, Canada, United States

Active Clinical Trial Count: 1

Highest Development Phases

Phase 2: Adrenocortical Carcinoma|Cervical Cancer|Endometrial Cancer|Head and Neck Cancer|Ovarian Cancer|Squamous Cell Carcinoma|Triple Negative Breast Cancer|Uveal Melanoma



Trial Status


Primary Completion Date

Probability of Success




Head and Neck Cancer|Adrenocortical Carcinoma|Cervical Cancer|Uveal Melanoma|Ovarian Cancer|Endometrial Cancer|Triple Negative Breast Cancer|Squamous Cell Carcinoma


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